Is your Wordpress website vulnerable?

Is your Wordpress website vulnerable?

No doubt WordPress had become the Goliath open source CMS publishing platform across the globe. According to Forbes, a whopping 75% of websites are developed using the platform and globally it powers over 25% of all sites.

It’s important to understand the two aspect of WordPress: one is the open source software and the other is the free hosting. In addition to limited security of WordPress hosting, a big drawback is lack of ability to use your own domain independent of (e.g.

What’s the risk of hacking to WordPress sites?

An estimated average of 30,000 sites a day get hacked. Weak hosting and poor server security are top vulnerabilities exploited by hackers. By the very nature of its open source, hackers are able to worm their way in with bots, bypassing user log-in. Another point of entry is through plug-ins and add-ons which are common additions to WordPress sites. For a really scary look at how vulnerable your site might be and how many ways to look over your shoulder, check out this infographic. Note that user ‘laxity’ is included in the list of reasons as many WordPress users are not aware or are lax in monitoring and updating software to prevent attacks.

Protect your WordPress site with hosting that provides security and support

Fortunately, there options for that offer security and monitoring that will help you sleep at night and focus on more important things like driving legitimate traffic to your site. And the options we provide are local, in Louisville, with 24/7 monitored security.

Interested in learning more about local hosting and protection of your site? Give us a call or shoot us an email. We are happy to chat with you and provide pricing for your needs.

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