Demand Strategies Inc.

Cathy McCarty Hendrix founded Demand Strategies after leading an automotive manufacturer as marketing and sales leader to double in size in under 4 years. Hendrix founded Demand Strategies to help client companies achieve the same results with strategies planning, marketing strategies and the tactical, creative executions. The DSI “secret sauce” is our executive-level strategic partners teamed to the client’s unique needs. Alfred Moreschi has been a strategic partner almost from the beginning and brings a unique blend of creative energy, cutting edge design skills and state-of-the-art digital expertise.

Strategic Plannning

We start with a clear understanding of your business and goals. Our process can be as simple as an in-depth meeting or as intense as an executive retreat, depending on your needs. We can help you differentiate and identify the strategies for your business to succeed, including mentoring your entire team to be champions of success. Working from your strategic plan, we will define the marketing strategies to meet your goals and help you get your entire team on board, all ‘rowing ardently in the same direction.’

Brand Development & Refresh

Does your company image represent and convey the needs of today’s customers? Often clients get too focused on the trees to see the forest of opportunity in developing their brand. We help clients take a step back to determine if their brand is in need of a refresh, or a completely new brand identity to stay current and relevant with changing times and buyer perceptions. From start-ups to mature companies, our approach is to let the strategic thinking drive the branding.

Social Media ROI

Today’s marketing demands a mix of social media. But is your marketing targeting the right social media platforms? And is your content building relationships and conversations with customers and prospects? How do you set metrics to determine your ROI? What data analysis tools are you using? We can help you plan to measure and succeed with social media.

Content Development

Once developed, content can be leveraged across different platforms, whether social media, your website, or through search engine optimization. The DSI team can help you develop the right content for the right platforms and show you how to repurpose content targeting for the best reach, frequency, and ROI. If your needs go beyond a website to application development, programming and IT outsourcing, let our team go to work on your needs starting with an assessment.

Video Content

Want to sell your business with sight, sound and motion with a virtual sales strategy? Video is one way to do it. From an introduction to your business to customer testimonials, product demonstrations and expert presentations, DSI has the team and the expertise to create video content that engages customers and drives conversion.

Sales Promotion

Do you have a strategy in place to build marginal revenue or increase your market share during peak seasons? While not a strategy to build customer loyalty, sales promotion is a short-term option to boost sales. We can help with loyalty programs, location-based marketing, strategies to boost trial, DSI can design and develop for both B2C or B2B audiences.

Communication Audit

Someone once said, ‘50% of my marketing is working, I just don’t know which half.’ If that statement resonates, DSI can perform a marketing audit. We’ll take a high-level look at your business goals, strategies and tactics and make recommendations to help your dollars go further and your ROI increase. If needed, we’ll take a deep dive into what’s working and what’s not, delivering the best ROI and provide recommendations.

Search Engine Marketing/Optimization (SEM/SEO)

Once built, your business and site need active marketing to drive traffic. DSI provides marketing and search engine optimization, organic and pay-per-click, SEO content, and strategies to drive inbound traffic.

Data Analytics

Knowing where your customers come from, what they are interested in, how long they stay on your site, and how often they interact with your website and social media properties are all valuable intel for your business. Let us help you take your marketing to the next level with data analytics analyzed to drive results and evolve your strategies to target your customer needs.

Internal Communications

Every member of your team can be an ambassador for your products and services. But do they know where your company is headed and what role they can play? The right internal communications, seasoned with knowledge of your strategic goals will help Engage, Impassion and empowerTM your team. Every employee can be a stronger contributor to more effectively and efficiently reach goals and sales targets. Let us show you how to drive marketing from the inside out.